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Elementis Specialties is a leading global supplier of natural hectorite clay and other rheological additives to the personal care industry. Our BENTONE® organoclay powders and BENTONE GEL® dispersions offer unique rheological performance in both single oil systems and the oil phase of an emulsion. Our range of BENTONE® hydrophylic clays offers a shear thinning viscosity to your water based formulations.

Elementis Specialties also provides natural, bio-functional and active ingredients for hair care, skin care and anti-aging formulations. Our FANCOR®, FANCOL®, FANCORSIL®, MEADOWQUAT®, MEADOWESTOLIDE® and MEADOWLACTONE® products are based on natural Meadowfoam oil and Abyssinian oil. Additionally, Elementis offers a full range of high quality, low pesticide containing Lanolin and Lanolin derivatives.

Elementis Specialties is pleased to announce the launch of three new products for personal care applications.

FANCOR Meadowfoam Seed Oil: A natural, solvent free, sustainable and green oil for hair care and skin care providing an extremely good oxidation stability within the final formulation, but also when blended with other natural oils. With this, Elementis does no longer only offer all kind of Meadowfoam derivatives, but finally also the base ingredient, the natural and high value Meadowfoam Seed Oil.
Meadowfoam Seed Oil Product Brochure

BENTONE GEL MSO V: This completes on the one side our range of the well known BENTONE GEL`s but in addition it also completes our range of Meadowfoam derivatives, but also offer the ready to use flow control agent in Meadowfoam Seed Oil. It provides excellent suspension control, easy to use and incorporate and is recommended for stabilisation of creams and emulsions, but also for all kind of colour cosmetics.
Bentone Gel MSO V Product Brochure

BENTONE GEL ABO V: Based on the natural Elementis owned Abyssinian oil, which is rich on omega 3 and omega 6, Elementis offers with BENTONE GEL ABO V another ready to use viscosity and flow control agent. Its easy use and incorporation is highly recommended for natural and new modern type of cosmetics for skin care but also for all kind of colour care applications.
Bentone Gel ABO V Product Brochure

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INCI NAME: Cyclopentasiloxane, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Triethyl Citrate